Commercial Carpet Tile

Commercial Carpet Tile


Our modular carpet tiles combine the comfort and luxury of traditional broadloom carpet flooring with the flexibility and robustness of ceramic tiles. Like traditional tiles, single carpet tiles may be replaced in the unfortunate event of damage. This option allows for the restoration of an entire space without the need to completely replace the floor and greatly increases sustainability through increased carpet life. Other major advantages of our modular carpet tiles include:

  • Reduction of waste during installation. Carpet tiles are virtually waste free when compared to traditional broadloom carpet, which can produce up to 15% waste material.
  • Ease of installation. Carpet tiles are very simple to install and can be placed in a fraction of the time required for broadloom installation, making tiles the perfect choice for DIY projects.
  • Freedom of design. Carpet tiles can be installed in almost limitless combinations and patterns of color to make your space truly one of a kind.

To remain at the forefront of the sustainable carpet movement, we continually strive to develop new technology. Our newest and most exciting tiles are Recova® and EcoShield®. Recova® tiles combine the extremely robust and attractive qualities of 100% solution dyed nylon with the superior comfort and wear characteristics of a totally PVC-free polyurethane cushion. Polyurethane cushions maintain a higher longevity and resistance to a breakdown of their cushioning properties when compared to those made from felt or ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA). With a superior composition and construction, Recova® tiles truly are the most comfortable and robust carpet tiles in the world.

EcoShield® tiles feature a 100% recycled vinyl backing, which gives the tiles superior dimensional stability and protection from moisture and mold while also keeping sustainability a top priority. Like the rest of our heavy contract tiles, EcoShield® tiles are made with 100% solution dyed nylon and carry and full 10-year warranty.

Recycled Backing

To develop a fully sustainable 100% recycled backing system, Standard teamed up with Tarkett, a leading manufacturer of vinyl sheets in Europe. Tarkett recycles over 77,000 tons of vinyl per year from scrap collected from post-installation sites in accordance with REACH norms. Tarkett has a reputation for producing some of the finest vinyl flooring in the world and we are proud to work with a company known for its high standard of quality.

Waste Origin is European.

  • From Tarkett's own "ReUse" collection scheme
  • From other resilient flooring producers
  • From companies specializing in waste collection

Advantages of EcoShield® Backing

  • Sustainable – made from 100% recycled vinyl
  • Dimensionally Stable – calendared vinyl, stabilized with glass fiber
  • Extreme Flexibility – will not crack or tear under flexing
  • Outstanding Acoustic Performance – superior sound reduction for large, noisy offices
  • Optimized Underfoot Comfort – reduces fatigue from walking or standing
  • Castor Chair Compatibility – will not break down or tear when used with castor chairs

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